Peri Conference

Branding & Marketing

Creation of a new conference, dedicated to the twists & turns of life.


Develop a surprising, bold and exciting identity system for Peri, to be applied on various marketing materials


The word Peri is derived from the the latin root, meaning about, around, or traveling from place to place. This idea of moving from one place to another was one that I and my team gravitated towards, as Peri is a conference dedicated to pushing forward in the face of obstacles. 

Peri –
embracing the unexpected.


For this design challenge, I had the chance to build a concept from start to finish. Our prompt was to create a brand new conference on any topic, and design a distinctive brand to accompany it.

I chose to pursue a conference that would be open and relevant to all kinds of people. The ribbons in the visuals represent the twists and turns that each of us face on our various paths in life.


The various applications and colors of the Peri logo mimic the idea of a multitude of paths in life. The P made up of individual lines represents the culmination of these paths at the Peri conference.



The Peri tone of voice is amicable yet exciting, bold and inviting. Marketing materials convey a sense of movement, motivation, and energy. 

Peri –
taking advantage of the twists & turns in life.


The most difficult part of this challenge was tackling a conference that was about a relatively broad topic. Because we wanted the conference to appeal to all types of people, we needed a visual identity that was not biased in any direction. We chose abstract visuals and a varied color palette in order to address our large target audience.