Color in Film

Publication Design 

A Study in Film & Color; 
publication design and copywriting


My initial inspiration for this project was my strong interest in the connection between film and design. Colors have a profound effect on the audience’s experience, and to me, these impacts are the most exciting part of a film.

When watching a movie, color is the first thing to make an impact even before the characters come on screen. For these reasons, I dedicated this publication to the analysis and admiration of movies that made an impact on me and the world of art direction. 

Rebel Without A Cause
Sin City
The Sixth Sense

The Royal Tenenbaums
Thelma and Louise
Pulp Fiction

Sorry to Bother You
The Matrix
Snow White


The Shawshank Redemption

Sleeping Beauty

“A strong color elicits a strong visceral response. This, in turn, can set up an audience to anticipate a particular action or event"

Patti Bellantoni, Author of If its Purple, Someone's Going to Die


Watching and analyzing the films was a large component to the process. My goal was to create a unified tone of voice that paralleled a bold and clean graphical style.

A color dictionary for the film enthusiast


The book opens with a note stating that there are no “correct" interpretations of movies. I would like to believe that there are numerous ways to interpret color, much like design, and while some might feel more right than others, there can be multiple correct answers.